About the Farm



Situated along Brookville Lake and the rolling hills of the Whiteriver Valley in southeastern Indiana, Tapaahsia Farm has been home to the Baldwin family since 2001. The word “Tapaahsia” means “Canada Goose” in the language of the Myaamia (Miami) people, who were the original inhabitants of Indiana. Our farm name was inspired by the beautiful (and sometimes quite animated) geese that frequently fly over our farm traveling to and from the lakes, rivers, streams, and farm ponds located in the area around us.

For several years, Tapaahsia Farm operated as a small family farm raising chickens, rabbits, turkeys, dairy goats and hosting the occasional critters that found their way to our farm. The farm and family were active in supporting local markets by raising native prairie plants and selling homemade soap and lotion products in the Indiana & Ohio region.

More recently, Tapaahsia Farm has transitioned to a quiet place of retreat. With the kids grown and the animals long gone, Tapaahsia Farm is now a place of peace and relaxation. Located on six acres of mostly wooded property the farm is situated along Rt. 101, five miles south of Liberty, IN. We are easy to find next to Brookville Lake, Whitewater State Park and two state recreational areas (Mounds and Quakertown). The Farm continues to produce a line of natural soaps and skin products for our customers.



Tapaahsia Farm’s handmade soaps and lotions are incredibly moisturizing and contain approximately 50% olive oil as the main base oil. Other oils used include:

      • coconut oil
      • palm kernel oil
      • avocado oil
      • shea butter

Then, any additives used in our products are as natural as possible including cinnamon, cloves, oatmeal, calendula petals and peppermint leaves…to name a few. To create the subtle, soothing scents in our products, I use pure essential oils.

We have been providing quality soaps, lotions, lip balms and other products for nearly 20 years. Our customers come from near and far (and we thank you!), but our commitment to small farm quality continues to be the basis of our business.